Aluminium Foil->Pharmaceutical Foil
Pharmaceutical Aluminium Foil (Blister Foil):
Blister packages for Pharmaceuticals products such as capsules, tablets, pill, pastille, small-size food, candy, etc.
Protect layer (OP)/Outer printing layer/Aluminum foil based-material (AL) inside printing layer/Bond (VC). Use in drugs blister packaging machine.
Alloy/Temper: 8011/H18
Width: 200mm - 1000mm
Thickness: 20microns - 40microns
Surface: One-side matte and one-side bright / two sides bright.
Performance and the characteristic:
Excellent properties such as of anti-oxygen, moisture-proof, leak-proof, antipollution, etc. Adopting hard anodized aluminum as cover material, it is easy to break aluminum foil to take out the drugs by pushing the cover. Adopting heat-seal coating material, which cannot be stripped, it can be bonded with all kinds of plastic-based materials.